In Yakutia called the amount of compensation to the victims of the flood

© Photo : MOE RussianAcademy EMERCOM of Russia during liquidation posledstvii rivers in Yakutia. Archive photoIn Yakutia called the amount of compensation to the victims of the flood© Photo : Russian emergencies Ministry

Inhabitants of Yakutia affected by the spring flood, you need to pay as financial assistance more 81,6 million rubles, according to the government of the Republic.

According to the government, in the flood zone there are 14 settlements, 671 yards, 345 of them houses. In the flooded area is home to 1.37 thousand people, of them in the flooded houses 804 people.

«Just from the floods in the country have suffered 3 thousand 266 persons, the provisional amount of financial assistance is 81 million 650 thousand rubles,» — are reported words of the engineer gku «Executive Directorate for elimination of consequences of spring floods and organization of restoration work in the Republic of Sakha(Yakutia)» Vitaly Petrov.

According to him, to date, have already determined the damage from flooding in amginskiy district. It amounted to 288 million rubles to help the victims need 22,35 million rubles.

Petrov noted that the lists of victims already formed, almost completed the preparation of acts of survey of flooded objects. Today, the specialists on the acceptance of work in Ust-Mayskiy Oy, Tattinsky areas. In the next few days affected by flooding are to receive financial assistance.