In Yakutia during the drifting three hunters spent a whole day on the roof of the hut

© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate in fotoballoon. Archival photoIn Yakutia during the drifting three hunters spent a whole day on the roof of the hut© RIA Novosti / Igor Eucandidate the image Bank

Prosecutors Yakutia carry out an inspection after the three hunters about half a day spent waiting for assistance on the roof drifting among the ice floes hunting Lodge, demolished the outbreak of ice, and another 500 people were forced to evacuate to higher ground, according to the Prosecutor of the region on Friday.

It is noted that the office of public Prosecutor of Yakutia checks timely information to residents about flood threat due to ice drift. Have the facts of improper notification of the population about the event of emergencies, delayed the start of evacuation of citizens from flooded territories, insufficiency of forces of rescuers at the time of emergence of threat of life and health of citizens.

In the example of improper notification of residents of the Tattinsky district, resulting in «12 kilometers from the village Chichimec in the area of flooding in the night from 12 to 13 may were three local residents, who went hunting.» It is reported that they were helped to evacuate «from the roof gone with the ice on the river hunting cabin» only at 17.30 on Sunday.

According to the Prosecutor, in the night from 12 to 13 may, more than 500 residents of the village Kupcy due to flood independently evacuated to higher ground, as it was not organized their evacuation. The late evacuation of citizens was in other settlements of Ust-Maysky districts and the Amga.

It is noted that the Prosecutor’s office has identified the inaction of local administrations to inform the population about the threat of emergency situations and the evacuation of the population in the villages Kupcy, ‘dikan and Agency. As a result, residents in the flood are unable to evacuate in a timely manner that threatened their life and health, they also lost their property. On this fact criminal case under article «negligence».

In addition, prosecutors accepted more than 80 acts of prosecutorial response in cases of absence of the municipal reserve of material resources for liquidation of emergency situation consequences.

It is noted that currently, the supervision of the public Prosecutor are also the issues of damages and payment of material assistance to the victims of the flood.