On Sakhalin in a new perinatal centre again the ceiling collapsed

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guineauletes in the perinatal center. Archival photoOn Sakhalin in a new perinatal centre again the ceiling collapsed© RIA Novosti / Sergey Guneev

In a new perinatal centre in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, which opened in April, collapsed again part of the ceiling, said on Friday the regional Ministry of health.

At the end of April, a similar case occurred in the room of the doctor’s room. A few days before this, during an inspection tour of the activists of the popular front in the perinatal centre at the head of the local onf fell from the ceiling wire.

After the incidents in the perinatal center conducted a full survey of all ceiling fixtures. In the regional Ministry of health reported that the survey challenges with ceiling systems have been identified.

This time the cause of the collapse was a clogged sewer pipe, which is laid on the second floor above the suspended ceiling, said the Agency.

«The reason foreign objects, diapers and rags, choking the system. In connection with the blockage in one of the joints leaked liquid and soak the ceiling plate, the result is a small section was deformed,» he told reporters in the regional Ministry of health.

The problem with the pipe at the moment solved, ceiling tiles replaced, added the Agency.

Regional perinatal center was opened in April, its total area of 32 thousand square meters. The cost of construction amounted to four billion rubles. The perinatal center includes the Department of medical genetics, perinatal diagnostics, the pathology of pregnant women, newborns, generic and postnatal, as well as operating and intensive care rooms. Working a hospital of 130 beds, as well as Advisory clinic. The maternity unit has 12 individual maternity wards. During a recent visit to the institution, the Governor of the region Oleg Kozhemyako ordered to eliminate a number of shortcomings. In particular, some of the rooms you want to customize your electrical and telecommunication.