Scientists have predicted the imminent and incurable epidemic

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Immune to treatment the fungus may soon lead to an epidemic that will destroy the plants, animals and people. This is evidenced by a joint study, researchers from Imperial College London and Exeter University the results of which are published in the journal Science.

According to the experts, the fungus can soon turn into a kind of antibiotic-resistant «superbugs» and acquire immunity to antifungal drugs, which are often overused in medicine and agriculture. In particular, this is facilitated by regular use of drugs for the treatment of fungal stomatitis, athlete’s foot, dermatophyte and onychomycosis.

While scientists say that the threat is undervalued and will soon make themselves known. According to them, the drugs only kill the weak culture of fungi, and the strong survive and evolyutsioniruet, acquiring invulnerability to antifungal drugs. In this regard, professionals call for the development of tools able to confront this threat.

The researchers also claim that fungal infections take more lives than breast cancer and malaria. In addition, according to them, the mortality from diseases caused by fungi, comparable with mortality from tuberculosis and AIDS.