Sociologists have learned the level of trust of Russians to Putin

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything in potomacfever Putin holds a meeting with representatives of the defense Ministry and defense industry enterprises. 17 may 2018Sociologists have learned the level of trust of Russians to Putin© RIA Novosti / Sergey Goneeverything the image Bank

Three quarters of Russians Express confidence in Vladimir Putin, and positive about his work as President of Russia, follows from the results of a survey of Fund «Public opinion».

According to a survey conducted in mid-may, Putin’s trust rating is 76%. In particular, 40% of respondents answered «definitely trust», 36% — «rather trust».

Distrust Putin expressed as a whole 19% of Russians: 10% say that they «rather not trust» the President, another 9% — «definitely do not trust».

A positive assessment of Putin as head of state is also quite high: 77% of respondents evaluated his work as good and 14% say that he works at his post bad.

The confidence rating of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in mid-may was 35%, the distrust expressed by 53% of Russians. In addition, 42% of respondents negatively assess his work at the post, 36% of Russians called the activity of the chief of Cabinet is good.

The level of trust Medvedev headed the party «United Russia» is, according to mid-may, 59% distrust party 30% of Russians. Activities appreciate the EP more than half (55%) of respondents, while about a quarter (26%) spoke about the work of the party negatively.

FOM conducted a poll on may 12-13, among the 3 thousand respondents in 207 localities 73 regions of Russia.