The inhabitants of the Earth will see superplumes on the morning of 18 may

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Great superplumes can be observed in the early morning on may 18 under the condition of clear weather, predict astronomers of the Moscow planetarium.

«The sickle of a new moon will appear very large and bright because may 18 at 00.07 Moscow time the Moon passes the point of perigee – that is, will be at the least distance from the Earth. It will make our satellite a 5% increase in diameter and almost 11% brighter» — say scientists.

In addition to the beautiful large sickle of a young moon can be seen ashen light inside the lunar Crescent.

«The glow of unlit direct sunlight, the surface of the satellite is formed by sunlight scattered by the Earth, and then secondarily reflected by the Moon to the Earth. To superplumes in the sky to join Venus. Watch a heavenly duet naked eye until 23.00 GMT then both lights disappear over the horizon,» astronomers say.

And at the end of July will be another spectacular astronomical event: it is expected that it will be clearly visible in Russia and the CIS. A total Eclipse of the moon, which will take place on 27 July 2018 and will be the longest one in the 21st century — 103 minutes. Moreover, beside the Moon will be Mars.