The survey showed how many Russians would vote for Putin this Sunday

© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated in Photobacterium of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin. Archival photoThe survey showed how many Russians would vote for Putin this Sunday© RIA Novosti / Michael Clientgenerated the image Bank

Electoral rating of Russian President Vladimir Putin as of mid-may was 63%, slightly down from the end of April, showed a survey of Fund «Public opinion».

According to the results of a survey conducted may 12-13, Putin is ready to vote, 63% of Russians, if presidential elections held next Sunday. Throughout April, the indicators of its rating ranged from 64-66% at the end of last month, Putin’s approval rating stood at 66% (as of April 29).

The electoral rating of Pavel Grudinina, the former candidate of the Communist party in the last presidential election in March, throughout April was quite stable and in mid-may, also is 9%.

For the candidate from LDPR on elections, Vladimir Zhirinovsky — were ready once again to vote on 6% of respondents. Similar performance rankings were in April.

Indicators support Ksenia Sobchak, who ran in these elections from the party «Civil initiative», are saved at the same level and in the post-election period – out in mid-may amounted to 1%, indicated in the survey materials.

But the other ex-candidates, in the case of an election next Sunday, would win, according to FOM, 0% of the voters. 1% of Russians said they would come to the polls and spoiled ballot, and 10% do not go to vote.

FOM conducted a poll on may 12-13, among the 3 thousand respondents in 207 localities 73 regions of Russia.