Trump joked about the unusual sound illusion

© AP Photo / Evan VucciПрезидент USA Donald trump. Archival photoTrump joked about the unusual sound illusion© AP Photo / Evan Vucci

White house staff led by President Donald trump joined the debate over the auditory illusion, which in recent days has rapidly gained popularity around the world.

We are talking about audio recordings where different people hear are two completely different words: laurel (Laurel, sounds like «Laurel») and yanny («Jenny»).

45-second video posted to Twitter the White house, administration officials offer their version heard.

In General, the advantage remained for the word laurel, in particular, heard the daughter of Ivanka trump and Advisor to the President of Kellyann Conway. Vice-President Mike Pence asked who Jenny.

To emphasize the comic nature of the shooting, who performed the last trump with a straight face said that covfefe hears the word, who became famous thanks to the typo of the President.

A year ago, trump wrote on Twitter, «Despite the constant negative covfefe in the press» without finishing his thought. Apparently, it was assumed the word coverage («coverage»). The mysterious word covfefe the day has become the most popular Twitter hashtag in the us.