Wife of Cyril Vyshinsky: destroyed apartment — no money, no documents

© AFP 2018 / Genya SavilovАрестованный Kirill Vyshinsky after the court hearing in Kherson. 17 may 2018Wife of Cyril Vyshinsky: destroyed apartment — no money, no documents© AFP 2018 / Genya Savilov

Thursday, may 17, Kherson city court considered the petition for application of a preventive measure in the form of detention against the chief editor of RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky. Left him in custody for 60 days. Journalist suspected of supporting the breakaway republics of Donbass and treason.

Employees of the Ukrainian security Service broke into the office, where correspondents of RIA Novosti in Kiev, on the morning of 15 may. The search lasted eight hours. Simultaneously conducted searches in the apartments of several journalists. The head of the portal Cyril Wyszynski was arrested and transported under guard in Kherson. He believes brought a case against him, the pressure on freedom of speech. «Then, how did the investigations, and that, combined with the investigation, testified that it was painted in advance», — he said in court.

Spouse Wyszynski Irina returned to Kiev from Moscow on 16 may, but she failed to reach her husband. Of particular concern to her was the fact that Cyril passed the necessary medicines. RIA Novosti contacted Irene and asked her a few questions.

— Managed, but only after the lawyer filed all the necessary documents related to its health.

— Before two days, he did not provide medication?

— No, of course. I would not like to say what Kirill had health problems. He had surgery, and it is associated with a particular treatment regime and nutrition. The doctors recommended not to be nervous.

— Now that almost impossible. You were able to talk personally?

— No. Phone taken from him. I tried to call: ringing, but not answering her phone.

— In your Kiev apartment was searched. It is clear that you were looking for?

— The search was conducted not in front of me, I came in already trashed apartment, where everything was turned upside down. Found no money, no documents. In addition, searched the apartment of the parents of Cyril. They live in Dnepropetrovsk. More precisely, now this city is simply a Dnieper is called.

— You have the apartment kept the cash?

— Yes, cash, a large sum was missing. And documents do not have any.

Yet no plan, I sit, waiting for the conversation with the lawyer. I every minute trying to contact him, but he’s very busy right now. Of course, I’d like to see her husband and something to tell him.

— You face some danger? Maybe you’d better not be in Kiev, you could be arrested?

— I do not exclude this possibility, but I’m here. Because I owe it to my husband.

Meanwhile, Russia’s permanent representative to the OSCE Alexander Lukashevich at a meeting of the Council of the organization demanded the immediate release of Wyszynski. The Russian foreign Ministry Kiev’s actions in relation to RIA Novosti Ukraine called tyranny. The OSCE representative on freedom of the media, Harlem Desir expressed serious concern about the actions of the Ukrainian authorities, the concern expressed by the UN office for human rights (OHCHR).

The online RIA Novosti Ukraine — informational partner of the MIA «Russia today», legally associated with him. However, the Agency intends to provide all possible assistance to Kirill Vyshinsky, in particular, to strengthen its law team. Friday, 18 may at 14:00 at the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow held a rally in support of arrested journalist.

Wife of Cyril Vyshinsky: destroyed apartment — no money, no documents© Vitaly Policystate words in Ukrainian