In Minsk condemned the Ukrainian, collecting data on Russian military facilities

© RIA Novosti / Ivan to Runability in photobacteria the Belarusian KGB in Minsk. Archival photoIn Minsk condemned the Ukrainian, collecting data on Russian military facilities© RIA Novosti / Ivan to Runepalace the image Bank

Board on criminal cases of the Supreme court of Belarus sentenced a citizen of Ukraine journalist Paul Sharoika lengthy sentence for espionage. This was announced on Wednesday by the Ambassador of Ukraine Igor Kizim passes the «Sputnik Belarus».

«For more than eight years of imprisonment», — the diplomat said on the sidelines of the forum «dialog», Minsk answering a question about a sentence for the compatriot.

Earlier, the KGB of Belarus reported about the detention of Sharoika on charges of espionage and establish the country’s intelligence network.

Belarusian state TV channel «Belarus 1» in November of 2017 showed video of interrogation Sharoika and documents tasks, including the collection of data on the Russian Embassy and the Russian military facilities in Belarus. The TV channel argued that during a search Sharoika was removed the memory card, which kept «copies of razvedennoy that he has managed to send… and assignments from supervisors».

In connection with the case Sharoika employee of the Ukrainian Embassy Igor Skvortsov announced in Belarus persona non grata for «incompatible with diplomatic status activities». Kiev in the answer has sent the Belarusian diplomat.