New action in defense of Russian schools of Latvia will be held June 2

© Sputnik / Sergey Melanoptera in fotoannunci March angry parents in Riga, protesting against the decision of the President of Latvia Raymond Vejonis to proclaim the law on the complete transfer of schools to the Latvian language of training. Archival photoNew action in defense of Russian schools of Latvia will be held June 2© Sputnik / Sergey Melanospila the image Bank

The staff of protection of Russian schools has set a date and time for a new protest action dedicated to the International children’s day, according to Sputnik Latvia.

«March in child protection» will be held June 2. The participants will gather at noon at the monument to the Latvian Riflemen. Then the protesters will go to the Cabinet.

«Our struggle continues: 2 June at 12:00 gather for the «March in defense of children». For Russian schools, for the right to study in their native language! For the dignity and freedom of our people! Gathering at 12:00 at the monument Shooters in the Old town. Then go to the Cabinet. So we will win!» — wrote the leader of the Russian Union of Latvia Tatyana Zhdanok in Facebook.

As already mentioned Sputnik Latvia, the protesters intend to take the Cabinet «in the ring».

«The idea is a symbolic ring around the building of the Cabinet of Ministers, whence came this is not popular with us education reform, to draw attention to the fact that all this is done without the consent of those on whom these measures are directed,» said co-chair of the Latvian Committee on human rights, member of staff Vladimir Buzaev.

At the beginning of April in Latvia came into force amendments to the law «On education», providing for the transfer of all schools into a state language of training to the 2021/2022 academic year.

The Russian-speaking population of the Republic embraced the reform negatively, held several mass meetings of protest. Parents expressed concern about the quality of education that their children receive after the entry of the reform into force — the concern is the lack of teachers who can quickly switch from teaching Russian to teaching in the Latvian language.

In recent months, the security Police began a massive attack on the well-known Latvian public figures and human rights defenders who defend Russian-language education. Against five members of a Latvian parent meetings were criminal cases, two of them — Vladimir Linderman and Alexander Gaponenko detained, and with the use of brute force. The leaders of the Staff of protection of Russian schools believe that the purpose of intelligence agencies is to intimidate activists and to force them to abandon the protests.

Monday, may 21, the court released from-under guards Vladimir Linderman. The measure was replaced with a recognizance not to leave. Linderman said that he was going to do everything possible to release Alexander Gaponenko.