The CPS has given advice on how to prepare children for holiday camp

© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova in fotobounce on the seafront in Anapa. Archival photoThe CPS has given advice on how to prepare children for holiday camp© RIA Novosti / Kirill to Kallinikova the image Bank

Before the start of summer, the CPS has published guidance for the collection of children in the camp, among them the Council to remind the child about basic rules of living together.

«Since the camp the child will have to live with other guys, you should remind him about the rules of living together. Children need to observe basic hygiene rules,» — said in a statement on the website of Rospotrebnadzor.

In addition, it is recommended to remind the child that «should moderately use perfume and even insect repellent, in a closed room with their smell can be unbearable», and also not to overdo it with perfume and cosmetics, because their high concentration can cause allergies.

The Department also suggest when visiting the child not to bring to camp soft drinks, juices and nectars in bulk packs, canned goods, mushrooms, and cream cakes, cakes, meat and fish and home cooked meals. Better to give preference to what the child can eat at one time, and to monitor the freshness of imported products.