In the Ulyanovsk region to build a large enterprise in the export of agricultural products

© Fotolia / муѕкіпа6Вид UlyanovskIn the Ulyanovsk region to build a large enterprise in the export of agricultural products© Fotolia / myskina6

. In Ulyanovsk region will create a large enterprise in the export of agricultural products, — agreement with an investor on Thursday was signed by the Governor of the region Sergey Morozov at the SPIEF-2018, the press service of the regional government.

«Our region has a great agricultural base and fertile land. Ulyanovsk farmers grow high-quality culture, but often have questions in their marketing and processing. The investor will help us to organize additional exports, create new jobs and favorable conditions of cooperation for farmers», — Morozov said at the signing ceremony of the document.
To start construction the investor plans in 2019, and to complete the implementation of the project in 2021-m grain Transshipment point will be able to accommodate up to one million tons.

«Ulyanovsk will be a key point where we will collect grains and oilseeds, send them for processing to Kaliningrad and further to export. To do this within the next two years we will build in the Ulyanovsk region a modern grain Elevator with possibility of shipment by rail and river,» — said General Director of the company-investor «Commonwealth» Dmitry Savenkov, whose words the press service quoted.

The agreement also provides for construction of an oil extraction plant for deep processing of oilseeds. The plant will process 2 tons of soybeans and sunflower seeds a day, the product — oil and meal. The volume of investments will make not less than ten billion rubles, will create 200 jobs.

«The establishment of this enterprise in the region will provide producers sell sunflowers at the market price. The crop is sown annually more than 200 thousand hectares of land, the average yield is about 11 quintals per hectare. In addition, this will develop in the region soybean production, which also will enhance the profitability of agricultural enterprises», — quotes the press service of the region’s Minister of agriculture, forestry and natural resources of Ulyanovsk region Mikhail Semenkina.