About arrested in Greece winnick want to make a movie, the lawyer said

© AP Photo / Petros GiannakourisАлександр winnick. Archival photoAbout arrested in Greece winnick want to make a movie, the lawyer said© AP Photo / Petros Giannakouris

A feature film can take about the Russian it specialist Alexander Vinnik, who was arrested in Greece on request of the United States, told RIA Novosti his lawyer Timothy Musatov.

Recently Musatov visited the Cannes film festival, where he spoke with many producers and experts in the field of cinema.

«When they found out what I was doing, they began to offer cooperation. Many want to make a movie about the case of Alexander winnick. It is not just interest, there are suggestions to make a movie, and by American companies. We are talking about big money. We are not going to earn it, we have others,» said Musatov.

In his words, «a lot of proposals, it overdetection story.»

«This is an unusual case, of course, will be continued in the information field, but we would first of all wanted to have the happy ending that Alexander Vinnik returned to Russia», — said the lawyer.

Vinnik were arrested in Greece on request of the United States in connection with allegations of laundering from 4 billion to 9 billion dollars through a bitcoin exchange. Now winnick is in prison in Thessaloniki. Against him the Greek courts have ruled on the extradition to the United States and extradition to Russia, the final decision should be taken by the Minister of justice of Greece. The trial winnick repeatedly stated desire to be ekstrudirovannyy in Russia.

Russians are not guilty and called the case a provocation of the United States. In an interview with RIA Novosti himself winnick said that the case against him was fabricated — he is an expert on blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, and has nothing to do with money laundering through the stock exchange. According to winnick, he was a consultant of the exchange on the application of technology. His lawyers say the lack of evidence. In the United States winnick faces 55 years in prison.


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  1. Martin Musatov | 28.10.2018 at 18:32 |

    I post this openly to Timothy: my name is Martin Musatov and I make one $5 million dollar movie 11 years ago. I was a writer on the project. I have since worked as a Technology Consultant for Symantec, Cisco Systems, and Microsoft. I am interested in this story. Please email or call, [email protected] or 218-340-2653. Here are some credits: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1785783/

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