The oncologist said about the importance of surveys on cancer

© Depositphotos / sudok1Врач looks at the CT scan of the brain of the patient. archival photoThe oncologist said about the importance of surveys on cancer© Depositphotos / sudok1

Example of famous people with cancer are supposed to show the importance of preventive examinations on the subject of cancer, especially now that the doctors have achieved excellent results, healing people in the early stages of the disease, the Director of the National medical research center of radiology, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences academician Andrei Kaprin.

In an interview with RIA Novosti on the sidelines of the St Petersburg international economic forum Kaprin noted that many people are afraid to go for tests for fear that they will find the tumor, and that this behavior is a risk factor for cancer.

«Kantserofobiey all people, but it is manifested differently. There is a small percentage of those whom the fear of cancer pushes for action and makes going to be checked. But a large majority of people, alas, hidden from doctors,» — said the scientist.

Kaprin admitted that himself every time with the anxiety being examined. «But I regularly every year should do it. First, I run a large medical facility. Secondly, I need to show your employees an example. We have all the employees are like a survey, and I check the lists of the past», he said.

«I believe that we need to engage in educational work, promoting the necessary surveys,» kaprin said. According to him, the example of famous people with cancer, it would be possible to show the importance of preventive examinations. «Maybe one of them could say about it. Indeed, in the early stages of cancer now can be cured simply amazing,» — said the scientist.