Vandal told why he damaged the painting of Repin in the Tretyakov gallery

© Video still MIA Rossvinoprom man, that damaged karatina Ilya Repin Ivan the terrible kills his son in the Tretyakov galleryVandal told why he damaged the painting of Repin in the Tretyakov gallery© a frame from the video of the MIA of Russia

A man damaged the painting by Ilya Repin «Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan on 16 November 1581» in the Tretyakov gallery, said that the attack on the painting after he drank one hundred grams of vodka and its «covered».

This he says in the video, which was circulated by the interior Ministry.

«Came to see her. At eight in the evening we went, was about to leave, in the cafeteria a few shots of vodka and something… do not drink Vodka, that covered», — he admitted, confirming that bombed the picture counter.

A law enforcement source told RIA Novosti that the man came from Voronezh.

Restorers immediately held emergency work — removed the fragments, took the frame off the painting and moved it to the restoration workshop. Now they study the damage and develop a recovery program works.

The attack in 1913

This attack was not the first which has been the masterpiece by Ilya Repin. During the life of the artist, January 16, 1913, a painter, a believer Abram Balashov in a fit of mental illness struck the wolf a blow with a knife.

Then was severely damaged person pictured and Repin had to recreate them.

The painting «Ivan the terrible and his son Ivan November 16, 1581» is written in 1883-1885 years, it was first shown to the public in 1885.