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The expert considers premature conversations about the death of traditional media – Russia news today

The expert considers premature conversations about the death of traditional media

© Fotolia / udra11 Newspapers. Archival photoThe expert considers premature conversations about the death of traditional media© Fotolia / udra11

Predictions about the imminent disappearance in Russia traditional media because of the departure of the audience network is premature, a significant part of the population still have no Internet, while now deserve trust units independent bloggers — most are only concerned about their own popularity and does not think about responsibility to the reader for their content, told RIA Novosti interviewed experts.

Previously a columnist for Forbes magazine analyzed the state of modern journalism in Russia and came to the conclusion that in the near future, print media will eventually disappear, as disappeared the manuscript book. In turn, the online publication also risk losing your audience because of the growing popularity of independent bloggers and their professional degradation, including self-censorship, the report says. The author assumes that the radio will eventually turn to entertainment sites, online broadcasting and TV will merge with Internet, becoming part of it.

Too early to talk about the death of Newspapers — no Internet half of the country

A media expert, member of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation Alexander Malkevich believes that it is early to speak about the death of print media in Russia, as in many parts of Russia still there is not the Internet, but also mobile communications.

«If to speak about global trends (in the article – ed.) all right. But the problem is that if you apply it to the Russian reality, nothing happens. Russia is very divided — there are big cities and there’s another country where it does not work» — he said RIA Novosti.

«When modern forums people talk about the blockchain and discuss the Telegram lock, for many Russians it sounds like the story about «bugs in the sweater» (the joke about the elderly woman who hears it instead of the «blog Twitter» — ed.). Most of all it’s all unclear and vague,» added Malkevich.

According to him, in many regions there is still no «normal mobile connection and no Internet», and people living in remote areas still use pay phones for calls. The Agency interlocutor noted that in this regard, the Ministry of digital development will stand a serious challenge.

«Talking about the Internet penetration and the development of progressive media is not necessary. A huge part of our country local Newspapers are still a source of information as well as television. Internet is not developed there,» said Malkevich.

According to the expert, in this regard, the regional media will remain popular, because despite the fact that they come in small numbers, they have a high readability, as the level of trust to the audience.

«This is not to say that these Newspapers super quality. It often happens that just do not. But the fact that they will live as long as people live in remote areas and have no other alternative, it is a fact. It’s not year and not two, not five, at least ten,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

He believes that «the monetization potential from regional Newspapers is,» they, too, can be converted into electronic versions, but for this purpose «government program».

Responsible bloggers can be counted on the fingers

In turn, the actress of theatre and cinema, an independent blogger Tatyana Mazur told RIA Novosti that most of today’s bloggers are not professionals in many fields, give their value judgment and is «likely to just frantically scour the same media in search of news», without bearing any responsibility for their own content.

«The main aim of a blogger is often not to cover the event, and «hypnoti» on it to attract and retain audience,» she said.

According to the source Agency, today in major cities, the bulk of the help came from the trust, and «in the province», the people by inertia still watching «miracle-TV» like in the 90 charged water in front of the television».

Mazur believes that there will always be a popular channels and blogs, which clearly describes or shows a process or given specific advice. «Now it’s more confidence inspire thematic Telegram-channels, where a group of people, versed in the stated theme,» explains the actress.

«Bloggers now, unfortunately, often just freaks. The fingers can be counted a serious and major figures who consciously have a blog and understand their responsibility for everything that they have stated publicly. The rest of chasing the hype and easy money behave like children in a sandbox,» she says.

The blogger believes that it is necessary at the legislative level to oblige the bloggers with millions of people in the Instagram and «thousanders» on Facebook to be responsible for the information they provide.

«Let them learn to write, inserted in the text as many words «I think, in my opinion, I’m not sure, but.» Loud peremptory statement is unverified and we have the same «scandals, intrigues, investigation» — said Mazur, noting that the next will be a question of definition — who exactly is called a blogger.

«Fortunately, it is already noticeable that our society learns the culture in many new areas, so that more conscious behaviour on the Internet too learn» — hopes the Agency interlocutor.