The inhabitant of Volgograd was beaten by the shop for refusing to refund for worn sandals

© RIA Novosti / Svetlana Samsonovitz China City in the Volgograd regionThe inhabitant of Volgograd was beaten by the shop for refusing to refund for worn sandals© RIA Novosti / Svetlana Samsonova

The man beat 23-year-old girl in Volgograd region because she did not return the money for well-worn sandals, on the given fact the police checks, RIA Novosti reported GU MVD in the region.

In the group of «Vkontakte» called «Volgograd online» there was a video where a man in a shopping center in Volzhsky city, Volgograd region hits the face of a young girl. It clarifies the RIA Novosti, the victim Nadezhda Bykova, a stranger beat her for refusing to pick up sold in early may, the sandals and return the money to the buyer.

«He asked me: «Money will return?», I said no. And then it hit me,» says Bykov.

The video shows the conversation between a man and a girl came out short after hitting the saleswoman quickly fled.

«She was all in blood, she cut my lip and lower part of the face. We immediately called her «fast», — RIA Novosti reported a witness to the incident Karina Martikyan.

According to Bykova, the man on the hand was a ring, which he severely injured her face – the doctors lip had to be sewn up with internal and external parties.

«At the hospital, I immediately wrote a statement to the police,» — said Bykov.

The police confirmed that checks on the fact of beating saleswoman in a shopping center in Volzhsky city, Volgograd region.

«At the moment being tested on the incident that occurred may 23 in the shopping center», — told RIA Novosti in GU MVD in the Volgograd region.

According to the RF Law «On protection of rights of consumers» the buyer can exchange nonfood goods of proper quality, if it has not been used, its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, factory labels, as well as a sales receipt or cash voucher or other confirming payment of the specified goods the document.

If the goods of improper quality, the buyer is entitled to withdraw from the contract of sale and request a refund, exchange other goods, including with conversion rates. The seller is obliged to accept the goods of inadequate quality at the consumer and in case of need to inspect quality.