On «Kinotavr» will present a film about the Donbass

© Fotolia / Noel PowellКинопроектор. Archival photoOn «Kinotavr» will present a film about the Donbass© Fotolia / Noel Powell

Picture of Denis Shabaev «World» producer Natalia Mokritskiy about the Donbass and the film Michael Raskhodnikova «Temporary difficulties» with Ivan Okhlobystin and Rinal by ahmedovym starring will show in the framework of the competition program of Russian film festival «Kinotavr» on Monday.

The film «the World» is happening in the Donbas these days. The film’s protagonist – the Slovak World leaves the boring life of an immigrant in England and sent to the LC. His mission, he sees the restoration of the symbols of the Soviet Empire the statues of Lenin, miners and workers. Actors in the film are non-professional, each character «plays itself», broadcasts its own history, existing in the given circumstances.

The hero of the film «Temporary difficulties» Sasha Queen is a congenital disease. The boy’s father chose what seemed to him the only right way to put him back on his feet — to treat him as a healthy person. «You’re not sick — you have temporary difficulties». The boy coped with the disease, but hated his father. After school, Sasha left home and stopped all contact with his father. For 15 years, he has become the best business consultant in the country, which led to the crisis of hundreds of businesses. And once a new order gives him an unexpected opportunity to get even with his father.

The festival «Kinotavr» passes in Sochi from 2 to 10 June.