Sweden Ukraine explained why he agreed to the «Nord stream — 2»

© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Wolfram ScheibleТрубы for gas pipeline Nord stream ‑ 2. Archive photoSweden Ukraine explained why he agreed to the «Nord stream — 2»© Photo : Nord Stream 2 / Wolfram Scheible

The Ambassador of Sweden in Ukraine Martin Hagstrom Kiev explained why his country gave permission for the construction of «Nord stream — 2» in its exclusive economic zone.

In an article for the «European truth» the diplomat wrote that the pipeline will lay outside the territorial waters of Sweden, that is in international waters, so the country is forced to make decisions within the framework of the UN Convention on the law of the sea. This document entitles all States to lay submarine cables and pipelines in the continental shelf outside the territory of the coastal state.

Under the Convention, the rights of Sweden as a coastal state in this case is limited to taking «reasonable measures» for the exploration of the continental shelf, the development of its natural resources and the prevention of pollution from pipelines.

«In other cases, the coastal state «may not impede the laying or maintenance of such pipelines,» — said Hagstrom.

The Ambassador also assured that Sweden has no economic interests in the «Nord stream — 2».

The project «Northern stream — 2» involves the construction of two pipelines with a total capacity of 55 billion cubic meters per year off the coast of Russia through the Baltic sea to Germany. The new pipeline is planned to be build next to the «Nord stream».

The bill was opposed by some countries. Among them the Ukraine, which fears to lose the income from the transit of Russian gas, the US is promoting ambitious plans to export its LNG to Europe.
Sweden Ukraine explained why he agreed to the «Nord stream — 2»«Nord stream – 2»