The application of Yekaterinburg for EXPO 2025 was supported by the athletes and astronauts

© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise in fotobounce the pedestrian vaynera street in Yekaterinburg city centre. Archival photoThe application of Yekaterinburg for EXPO 2025 was supported by the athletes and astronauts© RIA Novosti / Pavel to Listenpreise the image Bank

Russia’s bid to host the world EXPO 2025 in Yekaterinburg supported the Olympic champion in synchronised swimming, Angelica Timonina and cosmonauts Sergei Prokopiev, and Oleg Artemyev.

Presentation of the Russian submission was held on Wednesday during the 163rd General Assembly of the International exhibitions Bureau (BIE) in Paris. Opponents of Yekaterinburg in the struggle for the right to conduct exhibitions are Baku and Osaka.

A native of Yekaterinburg Angelica Timonina said that her city «gives strength to win.»

«Every time rising to the podium, I was thinking about my home, about my family. The beauty of the Ural mountains, about strong people who know how to truly love their job. About the strong friendship and open hearts. The energy of these people is fueled by the power and beauty of the Ural land. And that Urals energy is ready to share generously with others,» said the athlete, and invited all to Yekaterinburg. She added that the Urals can take guests «really, with all the breadth of Russian soul».

Countryman Tamanini, cosmonaut Sergei Prokopiev, in early June, arriving on the ISS, addressed to the delegates of the BIE directly with a space station.

«The astronauts could not stay on the sidelines when our country put forward the candidacy of Yekaterinburg to host the world Expo in 2025, and would like to support the application of the capital of the Urals,» said Prokopyev.

He was supported by another Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev. «We believe that Ekaterinburg will be a good candidate for organizing such a big event. I hope that the world community will appreciate the benefits of our application and trust the right to host EXPO 2025 Russian Federation», — said the participant of the 56th expedition to the International space station.

The Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev noted that now the delegates of the BIE, you know, «what wonderful people live in our region and Yekaterinburg, they shoulder any projects».

«I am confident that the EXPO in Yekaterinburg will be one of the most memorable in the history of the exhibition movement. We create the exhibition, which will be comfortable for the participants and visitors,» he said.

Strengthening cooperation

The head of the Russian delegation was the Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation Anton Siluanov, who said that «the EXPO in Yekaterinburg will help strengthen international cooperation».

«We will ensure the accessibility of participation in the world exhibition a wide range of States from all regions of the world. That is why we have prepared an extensive programme of assistance to developing countries, the amount of 170 million euros. At the expense of the program of the national delegations will receive all necessary for participation in the exhibition and will be comfortably placed. They can use the innovative infrastructure of the EXPO and the city», — said the Minister.

Siluanov stressed that in accordance with the concept of heritage «Smart city» after the exhibition its territory to become a place, where he implemented innovative development, transforming urban environment and improving the quality of life of citizens.

«On behalf of the government of the Russian Federation I assure you that our country is guaranteed to provide an unprecedented level of organization of EXPO 2025. We will do everything possible to ensure that the stay of the participants and guests of the exhibition in Ekaterinburg comfortable and productive, positive emotions and memories,» he said.

The delegation also included the head of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Sergeyev and CEO of the bid Committee EXPO-2025 Svetlana Sagaidak. Also, the presentation has arrived the Ambassador of Russia in France Alexei Meshkov.

Delegates of the BIE has made an appeal to the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev.

«Russia participates in the world exhibition movement was already 167 years. The time has come to give our country the honorary right to hold the EXPO,» he said.

The decision on winner will be made at the 164 th session of the General Assembly of the International exhibition Bureau in November 2018 by secret ballot. EXPO 2025 is planned for the period from 2 may to 2 November 2025.

The theme of the Russian bid is «Transforming the world: innovation and a better life for future generations.» Her idea is to find answers to the key questions of our time — how to transform human life through innovative solutions.