Amendments: the government will discuss pension reform

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The government on Thursday at a meeting to consider the bill, suggesting amendments to legislation relating to the appointment and payment of pensions, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

«The meeting will address the following issues: the draft Federal law «On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation on the issues of assignment and payment of pensions», — stated in the message.

In the first reading

The state Duma may consider a bill to raise the retirement age in the first reading before the end of the spring session, but hurry up and violate the rules will not, said the speaker of the lower house of Parliament, Vyacheslav Volodin.

«If the government <…> considers this question and brings us the bill, we have, as you know, the newsletter is a month, we can easily in the first reading to consider the bill, and then to discuss it in the summer and, accordingly, during September in preparation for the second reading. But no one would take the time, no one will violate the rules,» said Volodin at the plenary session.

«We must build on the basis of the regulations, Federal laws and guidelines in the Constitution», — he stressed.

«Absolutely correct initiative»

The head of Sberbank German Gref has described as «totally right» initiative to raise the retirement age in Russia.

«I’m just a little work and have also become a pensioner. Women 55 years have children. This rule <…> definitely subject to change in accordance with what is happening in the world with an age of survival. He moves away» — he explained his position.

Gref also noted that raising the retirement age will help to increase the size of social benefits.

The head of the accounts chamber Alexey Kudrin, in turn, said he was not familiar with the government’s proposals to raise the retirement age.

«The offer of the government I don’t know. I heard that the government raised the issue and are ready to solve, in principle, but I have not heard officially from any representative of the government’s official response. I hope we will soon hear», he said.

Thus Kudrin has reminded that the Center for strategic research, the Council which he heads, was proposed to raise the retirement age to 63 years for women and 65 years for men.

The first Deputy of the parliamentary faction «Fair Russia» Mikhail Emelyanov noted that the faction will not support the government plan to raise the retirement age, but intends to make their own initiative.

«In any case we will not (to support a government project — ed.). We want your even to protest and pursue their alternative bill to pay… We offer a virtually to abandon funded part of focus on the insurance part, to move away from the regressive scale… a number of measures to seniority and so forth,» — said Emelyanov.

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on budget and taxes Andrey Makarov said earlier that Russia needed reform of the entire pension system, not only raising the retirement age.

«The question of whether to raise the retirement age or not to raise, more not worth it. After we released data on military retirees, and found out that in 2024 we will be equal the number of employees and number of pensioners, and we are already equal, it is clear that the issue of raising the retirement age is not the issue, it is a necessity,» — said Makarov.

However, at the same time addressing the question of the retirement age, the need to build long-term and predictable pension system, said the Deputy. «The pension system should be built at least 50 years… a Man when… to graduate from high school should know before you choose the path where to go to work, he will get a pension» he said.

The public attitude

The majority of Russians do not support the government’s plans to raise the retirement age in Russia, reform approve only 8% of citizens, follows from the research of holding «ROMIR», which is available to RIA Novosti.

According to the survey, the vast majority of Russians (92%) disapprove of the initiative of the government to increase the retirement age to 65 years for men and 63 years for women. The greatest understanding of the idea of the government showed only young people aged 18-24 years, where the level of support reaches up to 12%. In the other age groups, the level of rejection reaches 92-93%.

Now the retirement age for men and women is 60 and 55 years respectively. The question of the need to raise the retirement age has been discussed for quite some time. According to the newspaper «Kommersant», his plan to raise to 65 for men and 60 for women.

Russian President Vladimir Putin during a straight line on 7 June said that wary of raising the retirement age. «With regard to retirement age, then you know my position: I always treated today to this extremely cautiously and carefully,» — said the head of state.