American astronauts have walked in space with the ISS

© Photo : Twitter/Scott D. TingleКорабль Soyuz docked to ISS<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/2018/06/f23f423203286685a7c8e7ed928e22c0.jpg" alt="American astronauts have walked in space with the ISS" />© Photo : Twitter/Scott D. TingleПодпишись to daily updates RIA Science

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American astronauts Richard Arnold and Andrew Feustel has walked in space to install new cameras on the external surface of the International space station (ISS) and maintenance, NASA will broadcast live.

The official start time of a planned spacewalk 15.06 GMT, when the astronauts transferred the spacesuits to battery power supply and left the airlock «Quest».

They have to work in open space for 6.5 hours. Earlier it was reported that the new cameras will be installed to monitor future dockings of manned spacecraft with the ISS.