China has guaranteed US the safety of diplomats after the «acoustic attack»

© AP Photo / Aaron FavilaФлаги the United States and China in Beijing. Archival photoChina has guaranteed US the safety of diplomats after the «acoustic attack»© AP Photo / Aaron Favila

In China, the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said Thursday that he had discussed with foreign Minister Wang Yi incident with the alleged acoustic attack on an American diplomat, the Chinese Minister assured that Beijing ensures the security of all diplomats in accordance with the law.

Pompeo arrived in Beijing from Seloy, where he spent tractornye talks with the foreign Ministers of Japan and South Korea on the outcome of the Singapore meeting the US President Donald trump and the leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-UN.

«As for the incident with the health of the American diplomat, who had health problems, I asked the Chinese side to cooperate with us to figure out how it happened and work to carry out effective investigations and to prevent such incidents in the future,» Pompeo said at a joint press conference following the talks.

He thanked the Chinese foreign Minister expressed readiness to support the security of American diplomats who continue to work in China.

«We have already investigated the so-called attack. I want to say that as of this moment, we have not found any reasons that, at the request of the American side, could lead to this,» he said in response Wang Yi

The Chinese Minister noted that the parties maintain contact on this issue and assured that the Chinese government guarantees the safety of all diplomats.

«The Chinese side further in accordance with the law, will provide legal rights, including the health security of all diplomats, including us,» said Wang Yi

Earlier, one of the American diplomats reported that recently experiencing abnormal auditory sensations and pressure. The US has sent doctors to the inspection of Embassy staff. The state Department has asked China for help in establishing the causes of the incident, but Chinese authorities said that no signs of an acoustic attack on an American diplomat.

Last year the US state Department said that more than two dozen employees of the American Embassy in Havana was subjected to the «acoustic attack» with use of special devices. The Department of state on September 29 issued a warning, which listed victims had such symptoms as hearing loss, headache, weakness, poor sleep. Havana claimed the lack of evidence of impacts of this kind on the U.S. diplomats in Cuba.