Conditions for improving relations with France almost created, believes Pushkov

© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha in fotobanka Russia, the EU and France. Archival photoConditions for improving relations with France almost created, believes Pushkov© RIA Novosti / Vladimir Sergeevicha the image Bank

Conditions for improvement of relations between France and Russia is «almost formed,» he told RIA Novosti the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov during his visit to Paris.

«I took part in several meetings: with the special representative (the President of France in Russia) Jean-Pierre Sevenman, with the Chairman of the international Affairs Committee of the Senate (Christian) Cambon, with several senators and deputies, has twice appeared in front of an audience. I have the impression that France gradually Matures the necessary critical mass at the level of the political class and public opinion, and, of course, on the level of the French business in favor of initiation of the review policy towards Russia», — said Pushkov.

According to him, «it is felt by discontent, which in Paris are expressing in relation to US policy». «The point here is that this policy is selfish, not taking into account the interests of Europeans and the interests of France that the United States embarked on a path of national self-interest and put its allies before the fact, regardless of their needs. It creates a great potential of irritation, and in France, many do not understand why the EU and the Europeans have to actually pay the economic sanctions that were adopted together with the United States,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Pushkov said that «these economic sanctions, the United States does not suffer, our volume of trade with them had declined very slightly, to 20 percent, but Europe, the volume of trade and investment and economic cooperation decreased very significantly».

«I think that national self-interest of the administration of the (President Donald) trump is causing a backlash in France and here there is a feeling that France should better think about their interests and not just about the General position of the Western community,» he said.

According to the Senator, «in the Western community there were very large cracks: and on the issue of Iran and on the issue of tariffs, and on the question of the attitude to Russia». «In my opinion, the conditions for improving relations with Russia a practical set up. This was facilitated by the visit of the President (of France Emmanuel) Macron in Saint Petersburg and his talks with Vladimir Putin. I believe that because those sentiments are amplified in a number of other European countries, e.g. Austria, Italy, and many others, I assume that these qualitative improvements will lead to certain changes in EU policy, perhaps before the end of this year,» expressed the hope the politician.

Pushkov said that «in any case, in France it is felt that politicians and part of public opinion and the business community more and more begin to move toward the transition to more realistic and more constructive policy toward Russia.» «It probably won’t occur overnight, but the movement there has been, and I think this is an important change that has occurred over approximately the last six months,» he concluded.