Crashed on the Volga catamaran had invalid numbers

© Photo : GU of EMERCOM of Russia in Volgograd oblanceolate catamaran that crashed in Volgograd, on the land. June 12, 2018Crashed on the Volga catamaran had invalid numbers© Photo : GU of EMERCOM of Russia in Volgograd region

On Board collided with a barge in Volgograd catamaran in violation of the rules was placed previously assigned registration number, at the time of the incident the ship was not entered in the register of the state inspection on small size vessels (GIMS), said on Thursday the emergencies Ministry.

Earlier MOE reported that in 2016, the catamaran received a positive opinion about seaworthiness, but in 2017 he was expelled from the register of GIMS on the basis of the statement that the catamaran is planned to be used for commercial purposes.

«In the time of the accident on Board of this vessel were placed previously assigned identification number, which is a violation of the rules. The person who was driving the small boat, permit small boat used for non-commercial purposes was not», — stated in the message.

The Agency notes that the catamaran after deregistration until June 11, 2018 in the waters of the Volga did not come out. «Factors that contributed to the tragedy, began the absence of the skipper the right of management of small size vessels used in non-commercial purposes, the absence of a catamaran with state registration, and the issuance of unregistered small vessel from the Parking lot,» reads the document.

According to the MOE, the catamaran to PE was located at the premises for small vessels «Volga breeze» is about 2.5 kilometers downstream from the accident site on the right Bank of the Volga river. «This database of small vessels were examined by the centre GIMS of the Volgograd region on April 27, the results of the examination permit has been issued for its operation. During the inspection of small size vessels not registered in the prescribed manner, it wasn’t revealed», — stated in the message.

On Monday evening on the Volga in the area of the cargo port of the Voroshilov district of Volgograd there was a collision of the barge with the catamaran. On Board the passenger ship were 16 people. As a result, 11 people were killed, five people were saved. Criminal case is brought. Later, the UK announced the arrest of the owner of the boathouse, where he stood and went in the catamaran. According to investigators, 47-year-old General Director of OOO «Marina» has not taken any action to prevent this small vessel into the waters of the Volga river.

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