Germany has agreed to rent drones from Israel for one billion euros

© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye in photobacteria Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. archival photoGermany has agreed to rent drones from Israel for one billion euros© RIA Novosti / Alexei Nikolskiye the image Bank

Germany takes on lease from Israel unmanned aerial vehicles for military purposes as part of the transaction, totaling approximately one billion euros, said the Israeli authorities and the manufacturer.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday thanked the government and the German Parliament for approving a «giant» and «incredible» contract, noting its importance for the military complex of Israel throughout his economy and relations between the two countries in the field of security.

«I am very happy with the decision adopted by the German Parliament to approve a huge deal for leasing Israeli drones… Germany helps Israel’s security, Israel is helping Germany,» said Netanyahu, quoted by his press service.

Manufacturer Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) reported that the subject transactions have become multi-purpose machine long-range Heron TP. Its counterpart on the German side were made by Airbus, acting on behalf of the Ministry of defence of Germany.

The company, according to a press release, will receive from the transaction of 600 million euros. The rest of the billion-dollar amount, according to media reports, will go to the Israeli authorities for the use of airfields, control centers and other infrastructure.

«It’s a huge success of the Israeli military industry and a significant contribution to the Israeli economy. This deal reflects the strategic partnership between Israel and Germany,» said Netanyahu.