In Greece, the Parliament adopted the law on the new reform

© AP Photo / Petros KaradjiasФлаги Greece and the European Union on Syntagma square in Athens. Archival photoIn Greece, the Parliament adopted the law on the new reform© AP Photo / Petros Karadjias

The Greek Parliament on Thursday passed a bill on new reforms, which is required by international creditors.

Voted 154 deputies of the ruling coalition — against- 143 MP. The Parliament’s 300 seats.

The bill provides, in particular, cuts in pensions for new retirees, reducing non-taxable income, tax increases, privatization of state enterprises, cuts in public and social needs.

Dozens of «pre-conditions» have been agreed with creditors from EU and IMF and their adoption is necessary to highlight the latest tranche of Greece’s exit in August of this year, the volume of 86 billion euros.

The bill is considered urgent. 21 Jun «Greek issue» will be considered at the meeting of the Eurogroup.

A day in Athens, demonstrations against the new austerity measures.