In paragraph Panmunjom began meeting military of DPRK and South Korea

© AP Photo / Lee Jin-mappointasia North Korea and South Korea on the territory of the border point Panmunjom. Archival photoIn paragraph Panmunjom began meeting military of DPRK and South Korea© AP Photo / Lee Jin-man

Talks between delegations of North and South Korea began in Panmunjom in the demilitarized zone on the side of North Korea, reported Yonhap news Agency citing the Ministry of defense of South Korea.

Negotiations take place for the first time since 2007. The delegation of the DPRK, which consists of five people, headed by Lieutenant-General An IK-San. From South Korea to the negotiations involved five people, headed by major General Kim To Kyung.

As expected, the parties will discuss ways to further ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula. He told reporters before the meeting, the head of the South Korean delegation, main issues on the agenda will be devoted to the implementation of the agreements by the Panmunjom Declaration in which the leaders of the two countries signed on April 27. In particular, this may be the question of the restoration of the line of military relations between the two countries through the border, conducting regular negotiations at the Ministerial level and the establishment of a hotline between the defense Ministers of the two countries.

Broadcaster NHK reported that the parties can discuss the issue on termination of military exercises South Korea and the United States. About the possibility of the termination of the exercise made clear the US President Donald trump after talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN in Singapore. In addition, the parties can discuss the question of burial of the remains of soldiers since the Korean war in the demilitarized zone.