In the International Federation of journalists wary of SBU according to Vyshinsky

© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace in fotobasketball portal RIA Novosti Ukraine Kirill Vyshinsky during the consideration of the appeal on the arrest in the Kherson court. Archival photoIn the International Federation of journalists wary of SBU according to Vyshinsky© RIA Novosti / Stringreplace the image Bank

The President of the International Federation of journalists (International Federation of Journalists, IFJ) Philip Lerut said that after staging the murder of Arkady Babchenko he be wary of the SBU about Cyril Vyshinsky.

Earlier in the SBU said that when they searched the safe Deposit box Wyszynski found more than 200 thousand dollars, «the thing that looks like a pistol «the Browning 1906», and MIA «Russia today».

«If they really gathered the evidence against Cyril Vyshinsky, then you can expect that they will present publicly, and then Kirill Levin will have all the safeguards, which should benefit the accused. If they do not, we may suspect that the journalist became a target, and it is a violation of press freedom,» said Lerat RIA Novosti.

International Federation of Journalists represents about 500 thousand journalists from more than 100 countries.

«Murder» Babchenko

At the end of may, the Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine reported that the former military correspondent Arkady Babchenko was shot in the stairwell of his house in Kiev. This information was commented by all the leading government departments of the country, including the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

The next day, the SBU has denied this information. Its head Vasyl Hrytsak said that the report of the murder spread in the framework of «special operations». Staging, according to him, started to prepare two months ago, the organizer of attempt has been detained.

Methods Ukrainian secret service has been harshly criticized by many international organizations. The deliberate spread of false information about the fate of Babchenko condemned OSCE, the European Parliament, the International Federation of journalists and «Reporters without borders».

Vladimir Putin called the situation unprecedented. The foreign Ministry has sent to Kiev a few notes of protest demanding to stop violence against the press. Action in support Wyszynski was held in front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow.

General Director MIA «today Russia» Dmitry Kiselyov said that Vyshinsky draw the image of the Commissar with a revolver, but Russia is not arming journalists.

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