In the state Duma called on the airline to make the single list of brawlers

© Depositphotos / edmond77Девушка removes carry-on baggage compartment in the aircraft cabinIn the state Duma called on the airline to make the single list of brawlers© Depositphotos / edmond77

The Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Sergei Krivonosov, believes that airlines should share information about malicious troublemakers on Board the aircraft and to compile a single list of aviakerosene.

Speaking in the program «Morning of Russia», he spoke about came into force on 4 June innovations concerning the formation of a black list of passengers by air carriers. Amendments to the Air code give a right to the airlines during the year not to sell tickets on their flights to passengers trapped in their black lists.

According to the parliamentarian, the law is needed, as it is aimed at improving the safety of passengers.

«In the future, it is necessary to combine the lists of aviakerosene — carriers to communicate. This applies to most of the worst offenders,» said Krivonosov and assured that in this way companies can protect themselves for the future.

The basis for inclusion in the black list are failure to comply with the orders of the commander of the aircraft, disorderly conduct on Board and committing acts that threaten the safe operation of the aircraft. People included in the list of brawlers after the presentation to him of the document on the Board of the violation of the right of way. The passenger can read the paper, and in case of refusal, the document shall be marked about it.

«At the moment, airlines are no people in the black list, but in the future the passenger, included in the list, will not be able to purchase a ticket to the specified passport to purchase a ticket will be refused automatically if it does not prove that there are no alternative routes,» — said the Deputy.

According to the airline «Aeroflot» for the past year was 12 cases of gross violation of the rules of conduct of passengers during preflight service and on Board airlines. Of these, 10 passengers have committed physical violence against the employee of airline, the two passengers threatened the safety of the flight and behaved aggressively towards other passengers. Instituted seven criminal cases, and three of those convictions (three are in operation). Loukoster «Victory» since the beginning of the year recorded 30 cases of removal of the brawlers from the flight due to aggressive behaviour on Board.