Pollster: the Democrats have the advantage in the midterm elections in the United States

© AP Photo / Carolyn KasterЗдание of Congress in Washington. Archival photoPollster: the Democrats have the advantage in the midterm elections in the United States© AP Photo / Carolyn Kaster

The democratic party has the advantage in the midterm elections to Congress, which will take place this fall, but the seizure of control in at least one of the two houses of Congress, they are not guaranteed, said John Zogby said, the famous American sociologist, founder of research firm public opinion Zogby International Poll.

In a midterm election is re-elected all members of the house of representatives (438) and a third of the 100-seat Senate. Now both chambers controlled by Republicans.

«It’s too early to get blue marker and paint the map,» said Zogby said, speaking at the International press center in Washington. Blue is traditionally the color of the Democrats, red is Republicans.

«For Democrats the good news is that they are leading. Not so good news is that this is not yet sufficient in order to win an additional 17 seats and to the house of representatives,» said zoghbi.

In the Senate, according to him, in most cases, voting will continue in the districts that keep the Democrats and Republican districts is a persistent struggle with uncertain prospects for Democrats.

According to Zogby said, Democrats have a number of advantages. Historical precedent is such that when the newly elected President from one party, the house of representatives often passes into the hands of the opposition. In addition, this year the Democrats in General lead in the polls and have won 7 of the 8 elections to the chamber held away from the General vote. In California where the primaries include representatives of the two parties in the same Bulletin, the Democrats performed well and got to the polls in all seven districts, which were considered stable Republican. Voters in General elections in California typically favor Democrats. The Democrats have now a lot of candidates who appeal to centrist, moderate and independent candidates, not turning away from traditional voters, said Zogby said. In addition, the composition of voters that twice elected President Barack Obama, remains the same: Democrats by a wide margin support women, young voters, immigrants from Latin America and African-Americans. Finally, the number one issue for voters remains health, and the attempt to repeal the most popular provisions of the reform carried out under the Obama administration, prevented the election of the Republican party, he added.

Thus, according to him, the Republicans have a lot of own trumps. Unemployment is at a very low rate of 3.8%. And although many have to work part-time and for little money, almost all the economically active population has the opportunity to work. GDP is growing at a rapid pace: in the current year is expected to increase by almost 3%. In particular, it is easy to find a job young people. About 38% of respondents believe that things in the country going in the right direction is low, but it grows quite rapidly in recent months. The President’s rating Donald trump has stabilized in the historically acceptable range, its activities approve about 45% of Americans. Half of Americans approve of the economic policies trump, more than 40% — foreign policy.

In addition, according to Zogby said, Americans don’t trust any party, and this helps to preserve the status quo.

«None of the parties has not seized the minds and hearts of the majority of voters at the moment,» concluded Zogby said.