The conservative style of Putin: experts commented on the appointment in AP

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate in photobacteria of the presidential administration of Russia. Archival photoThe conservative style of Putin: experts commented on the appointment in AP© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dinitrate the image Bank

Reassignments to key positions in the presidential administration and a minor change has not surprised experts polled by RIA Novosti who recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin is very conservative in staffing, does not like too much changes, besides it is quite satisfied with the work of his assistants and advisers.

The only surprise for some analysts was the reappointment of the President’s administration Yuri Ushakov, but the preservation of the post Vladislav Surkov as no surprise.

Wednesday on the Kremlin website published a decree on the appointment of the presidential administration, most retained their posts.

Conservative style

According to the expert of Institute gumanitarno-political researches Vladimir Slatinov, the appointment of new members of the administration, Putin reiterated that in personnel matters he is a conservative.

«Vladimir Vladimirovich in the personnel policy is very conservative. He did this repeatedly said, he has said many times that it is hard to part with people. Even if people are not doing very well, he is willing to give people another chance, than to deal with personnel shake-UPS… A lot is attributed to his service in intelligence, as intelligence officers care about the people in their network,» he explained.

The expert added that he did not expect major changes in the administration, unlike the government.

«Now from the government wait for some adjustment of the economic policy in the direction of a breakthrough, therefore, required staffing adjustments. In addition, the government’s public, and if there is a request for some changes in economic and social policy, it was necessary to demonstrate, including through personnel decisions. While the activity of the public administration at least, is not a public authority,» said Slatinov.

Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin believes that the President is comfortable working with that part of the administration, which is already established. «The President has decided horses in midstream does not change – it is their right,» he said.

The analyst added that the President has formulated the tasks in the «may decree» in 2018, therefore, this decree lies in the basic functionality of the new-old team. He noted that, theoretically, already a month ago, it was clear that the configuration of the administration will not change.

Job satisfaction

In addition, according slatinova, minor changes in the presidential administration connected with the satisfaction of the head of state the work of their assistants and advisers.

«Why would something serious to change? Therefore, all the key figures have retained their places… the Administration is now a part of the model that has developed during the third term of Putin, that Mr Putin wants to rebuild in earnest, as, from his point of view, this model is functional,» said the analyst.

According to him, it is not surprising that even some of the figures from the administration, the resignation of which was predicted by experts, retained their posts. In particular, Slatinov has explained and preservation office for Vladislav Surkov, who «learned to talk with Europeans and Americans.» «If there is a new man, it means that it is necessary to re-establish a dialogue, it is not known how they will converge. This is Putin’s style – people more or less copes, the failure of the no — and why would be changed,» he explained.

Skeptical and positive evaluation

Member of the expert Council of the Institute of socio-economic and political studies Alexei Zudin noted that the reassignment of a majority of the members of the administration can be interpreted in different ways: the possible skeptical and positive assessment. «The skeptical assessment will depend entirely on expectations, it is unclear what caused that were expressed in the media and experts in connection with possible changes in the presidential administration. Of course, against this background, the changes are minimal,» he said.

The positive assessment is, in his opinion, may be based on the fact that the lack of significant change associated with the current and the optimal structure of the presidential administration.

«This structure, which proved itself quite successfully coped with the solution of the main task. And for these reasons, changes very little. They are not structural, but rather personnel. Me more convinced this is conditionally optimistic, positive approach,» said Zudin.
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The only surprise Mukhina was associated with preservation of the position of Yuri Ushakov. «I was under the impression that (the press Secretary of the President) Dmitry Peskov wanted to place Ushakov and to engage in more foreign policy issues — that did not happen and, frankly, it surprises me, given the fact that Yuri Ushakov is already in deep retirement age,» he explained.

But the appointment of Dmitry Salkova to the administration of the scientist not at all surprised, on the contrary, he called it logical. «Because of the FSB the last time was engaged in anti-corruption activities very tightly, so it is not surprising that the state Secretary, Deputy Director of the FSB has become the main controller of the office of the President. Who, if not him?», — said Mukhin.

In turn Slatinov noted that the expansion of the security forces in the administration associated with monitoring activities in the broad sense. «More has become representatives of the power block, and it shows… Putin, of course, more confidence in the security forces and believes that these areas related to monitoring, countering corruption, these people are more organic. This kind of philosophy. So we see these new appointments mean Salkova», — he explained.