The national strike is taking place in Nicaragua

© AFP 2018 / Inti Odeplugin with the national flag. Archival photoThe national strike is taking place in Nicaragua© 2018 AFP / Inti Ocon

National strike takes place on Thursday in Nicaragua at the urging of the opposition.

As the portal Prensa, closed banks, shops, gas stations. The aim of the campaign is to put pressure on President Daniel Ortega to stop the wave of violence that has claimed about a hundred lives.

The strike is declared on the eve of the Bishops ‘ conference of Nicaragua resuming interrupted on Friday informed the national dialogue on peace in the country. The message of the conference, she received a response from President Ortega to the proposals made by the bishops to normalize the situation in the country.

Protests in Nicaragua are from 18 April on the background of the reform proposed by the authorities, which assumed an increase in the amount of contributions employers and workers in the social insurance funds. President Ortega has already abolished it, but mass protests have not stopped. According to recent reports, during the protests killed 146 people.

Last Thursday, President Ortega met with members of the Episcopal conference of the country and took two days to consider their proposals on democratization of the country.

In late may, the Episcopal conference of Nicaragua declared the refusal of the resumption of the interrupted national dialogue about the world. At the request of the priests, the dialogue cannot start before the moment when the government of Nicaragua did not stop the repression against his people, acting in peaceful protests.