The onf has identified irregularities in the preparation of the reclamation polygon «Kulakovsky»

© RIA Novosti / Alexander Dragevent revealed violations in recultivation of the landfill KulakovskiyThe onf has identified irregularities in the preparation of the reclamation polygon «Kulakovsky»© RIA Novosti / Alexandr Kryazhev

Experts of the Russian popular front has revealed serious irregularities in the selection of the contractor development of project documentation for recultivation of landfill of solid communal waste (TKO) «Kulakovsky» and addressed to the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation with the request to verify the situation, reported the press service of the onf.

According to experts, in the terms of reference specified an unrealistic turnaround time to find and design that may eventually have a detrimental effect on the environment and health of citizens.

«Works in such a gentle time — 30 to 45 days — will not lead to a positive result. Such haste may affect the environment and health of citizens, which in turn can lead to tragic consequences. In fact, with such a technical task, without substantial revision, you cannot proceed to the selection of the contractor. Without addressing all violations, you cannot get to work», — said the coordinator of the onf project «General cleaning» Dmitry Mironov.
According to him, since the closure of the landfill in September 2017 the issue of its reclamation have not really been solved. In the technical specification on development of design estimate documentation of remediation of the landfill is not described in detail stages of the design process and not provided basic engineering and environmental surveys.

«At the design stage it is necessary to conduct discussion, evaluation of the impact on the environment because the landfill is a dangerous industrial object and its reclamation of public importance. In addition to engineering and environmental survey in the document is missing the point about the public hearings. It turns out that local residents who may suffer from improper remediation of the landfill, will not even participate in the discussion of her plan. The cost of the preparation of project-estimate documentation reclaim declared 22 million rubles, which, according to our experts, exceeds the actual cost of such work several times» — said Mironov.

After treatment of citizens by the experts of the popular front has revealed on the ground of violation of environmental legislation and sanitary standards. In particular, less than 500 metres from the landfill the school is located, 100 metres from private homes. The polygon out of range and turned on the forest lands. In addition, on the ground, there was no adequate system for waste management. On the ground every day brought more than 300 garbage trucks that exceeds the standards several times. About the problem of landfill of MSW «Kulakovsky» was reported to the President during the «Forum actions» BIP in 2016, after which the situation moved: Supervisory authorities acknowledged serious violations, the landfill was closed.