The Telegram will continue to appeal a lock in the Russian courts and the ECHR

© RIA Novoselovoy Telegram messenger. Archival photoThe Telegram will continue to appeal a lock in the Russian courts and the ECHR© RIA Novosti

Protection Telegram will continue to seek the unlock messenger in Russian courts and in Strasbourg, told reporters on Thursday the lawyer Ramil ahmetgaliev.

He stated that after the decision of Moscow city court recognized lawful blocking.

«The ECHR will be submitted (it is now filed against the orders of the FSB, requires to provide the encryption keys; the complaint on the fact of blocking). We will also file a complaint in Presidium of Moscow city court and the Supreme court,» said ahmetgaliev.

Protection Telegram insists that the order of the FSB was adopted by an unauthorized Agency in excess of authority and establishes a non-judicial way of obtaining control over correspondence of an indefinite circle of people. This situation, according to lawyers, «threatens the security of citizens.»

FSB and Roskomnadzor, in turn, claim that due to the failure of the Telegram to comply with the law are threatened by simple people as a messenger, at the request of the secret service, is actively used by terrorists in coordinating their attacks. The Telegram argument that giving keys of the FSB is technically impossible, the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov called craftiness.