The theatre of Nations present in new York the play «Ivanov»

© Photo : Theatre nacitanie the State theatre of Nations. Archive photoThe theatre of Nations present in new York the play «Ivanov»© Photo : Theatre of Nations

The state Theatre of Nations present in new York the play «Ivanov» on the eponymous play by Anton Chekhov in the framework of the international festival of arts «Cherry garden».

In setting the busy famous actors of theatre and cinema. Starring people’s artist of Russia Yevgeny Mironov. Also in play are Chulpan Khamatova, Elizabeth Boyarsky, Igor Gordin, Victor Verzhbitsky and others.

The performance will be played from 14 to 17 June on the stage of new York city center, which is the art Director of Theatre of Nations Yevgeny Mironov have called «home.» In 2015, the artists presented here, «miss Julie», and in 2016-m — «Shukshin’s Stories».

This year the team decided to show important for the theater play. «Ivanov» — the first dramatic experience of Chekhov, which premiered in 1887 in the building of the private theatre of Fedor Korsh in Moscow — today the house of the Theatre of Nations.

«Ivanov», at least in my memory, rarely worked. The Directors believed this play is very dangerous. Of course, in the play originated characters, the characters ‘ behavior, which then passed in a more «complete» pieces. «Ivanov» is an experiment of pure water by Anton Chekhov», — said Mironov reporters.

Dramatic experiment came from the pen of Chekhov in less than two weeks. Work on the stage incarnation of the work was much longer.

«Long before we began to look, try on the piece. Usually I prepare for rehearsals, I think, I read. Work on the text we started over six months before rehearsals. And every day the text somehow changed, we saw that someone is coming. The rehearsal went two and a half months,» — said Timofey kulyabin.

In the end, Chekhov’s play turned into a story about our day. «The play exists in two versions: in the first it is called a Comedy, the second edition is changed to the fourth act… and the artwork is called drama. In our show combined two editions, and the text is adapted into modern language… In the play, since everything is made that what is happening on stage should be extremely recognizable for the Russian audience for sure. It’s like we’re watching out the window of the neighboring «Khrushchev,» — said kulyabin.

To adjust to the space new York city center and auditorium which can accommodate more than two thousand people, the artists have day. The afternoon will be rehearsal, and already the evening of 14 June will be played the first performance.

«Tickets for all four days is almost completely sold out,» — told RIA Novosti the producer of the festival «Cherry orchard» in new York Maria Sklover.