Sakhalin was awarded the Order of the Rising sun of Japan

© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate in fotobounce the Order of the Rising sun. Archival photoSakhalin was awarded the Order of the Rising sun of Japan© RIA Novosti / Andrey to Tinypirate the image Bank

Sakhalin Masayoshi Shirahata was awarded a Japanese order of the Rising sun gold and silver rays, said Wednesday at the Consulate General of Japan in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

«It is an honour for me to receive the order from the government of a foreign state», — said at the ceremony of awarding a decorated.

The head of the island division of the foreign Ministry of Japan, Ryuichi Hirano noted that the order will receive not only citizens of Japan, but foreigners who have contributed to the development of friendship with Japan. He expressed the hope that the high reward that is received for the second sakhalinets, will strengthen the friendship between Russia and Japan.

Masayoshi Shirahata was born on Sakhalin in the period of Karafuto in 1939. After the Second world war, he remained on the island, became a citizen of the USSR, studied, served and worked. In 2000 he became a member of the «Sakhalin-Hokkaido», and in 2009 became its President. Public organization engaged in the return of the Japanese homeland and the organization of their travel to the land of their ancestors. During the presidency of Masayoshi Shirahata in Japan were able to return more than 60 people.

In addition, Masayoshi Shirahata provides active support in the vicinity of Sakhalin former residents of Karafuto, who come to the island to visit the graves of relatives. During the year over the graves of the following members of the society «Sakhalin-Hokkaido».

With high award of the Japan of Sakhalin has congratulated the Governor of the Prefecture of Hokkaido Harumi Takahashi.

«Mr. Shirohata walked me in Japanese tombs, where I could lay flowers. Express to him our deep respect. This award is proof of the high confidence remaining on Sakhalin the Japanese. I think they overcame a lot of difficulties, this order is respected, a sense of joy, trust in society,» — said in greeting, which was read at the ceremony.

The first recipient of similar honours among the Sakhalin was a former Chairman of the society «Sakhalin-Japan» Nikolay Zotov.