A scientist told me what could be the object in the sky that caused a stir in social networks

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The people of the four provinces of Central Russia were able to observe Wednesday evening a meteor or space debris, which burned to the contact with the ground, told RIA Novosti the Professor of the Department of optics and spectroscopy of Voronezh state University Liana Leonov.

Information about the fall of a glowing object in the sky appeared Thursday morning on social networks and immediately caused a resonance. The falling object was seen and filmed in the late evening on June 20 the residents of Voronezh, Lipetsk, Orel and Tula regions. According to published in social networks a video of the burning object went out in the air for a few tens of meters from the contact with the ground.

«It could be anything, — space debris, for example. It is unlikely it was a meteorite of natural origin. Because then you need to examine the shooting of the consequences of this fall. If it all burned up in the atmosphere, so these effects we will not see. Observed bolide of natural or artificial origin,» — said the Agency interlocutor.

Leonov noted that the phenomenon of space debris, became frequent after mankind began to actively explore the near-earth space. «In earth’s atmosphere comes every day hundreds of thousands of tons. Are we just not seeing you, not seeing. Because part of this is taking place in the daytime, and we don’t see because the sun interferes, and some at night. Either it is so weak flows out light that we cannot see. When such major fragments are scored Yes, you can watch, but mostly all noise — we sleep at night,» added Leonov.

She recalled that meteor is the phenomenon of falling of a space body, when it reaches the earth’s surface.

«Smaller cosmic dust in the atmosphere — we call it a meteor. The moment of passing into the atmosphere of any body when it begins to glow and burn, called fireballs. If to speak about nature, a meteorite is when it fell to the ground, a meteor is when the earth’s surface is not reached. But it is of natural origin. And artificial, in the form of debris is debris. Flew, burned. We have so many that fly,» — said the Agency interlocutor.