Biologists found in the body of a mice cage that will help people lose weight

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Scientists have found rodent in the body of a special group of cells, which «conducts» growth of new fat cells. Managing their behavior could be the most effective way to lose weight, according to a paper published in the journal Nature.

«Control over the speed of formation of fat is important not only to improve the human metabolism, but also to slow aging, as many tissues with age accumulate fat. We look forward to the new discoveries associated with these cells,» said Bart Deplanche (Bart Deplancke) from the Federal Polytechnic school of Switzerland in Lausanne.

In recent years, scientists are looking for ways to get rid of obesity not only by diet but also by various hormones and signaling molecules that cause the body by yourself to burn excess calories. As shown by experiments on mice, this can be achieved by forcing part of the normal fat cells turn into so-called brown fat.

Brown fat is mostly found in the tissues of infants and babies and is used for rapid calorie burning and heating of the body. The growth of brown fat disappears. In the body of adults is dominated by white fat, plays the role of «warehouse» nutrients.

Deplanche and his colleagues have discovered special cells that are responsible for such changes and «orchestrate» the growth of fat overall, by studying which genes were active in the various fat cells that are present in the mice.

After analyzing a total of two hundred cells of different types, scientists came across the unusual «stem cells», which was outwardly similar to «billets» of adipocytes, adult of fat cells, but had completely different functions.

These cells, named «audioregular» (Aregs), not transformed to other components of the adipose tissue and directly manage its development. As discovered by biologists, they can select several different sets of molecules that cause stem cells to turn into adipocytes, brown fat and other parts of the fat deposits or hamper their development.

Their activation, as shown by the experiments on rodents, have led to the fact that of new fat cells completely ceased to be formed in their body. Having discovered this, scientists tested whether such cells in the human body. It turned out that they really are present in our fatty tissue, which allows their use to combat obesity and diabetes of the second type.