Near Saratov put out the garbage dump, smoldering for more than two weeks

© Photo : courtesy of MOE MOE Assistrance during fire fighting. Archive photoNear Saratov put out the garbage dump, smoldering for more than two weeks© photo : courtesy of the Ministry of emergency situations of Russia

Ignition inoperative husel’s’ke on the landfill of municipal solid waste near Saratov, which caught fire more than two weeks ago, extinguished, has informed on Thursday, the Secretariat of the Chairman of the government of area Alexey Strelnikov.

The Governor of the region Valery Radaev on June 18 demanded from his subordinates three days to liquidate ignition at husel’s’ke a garbage landfill, where the fight against fire was conducted from June 3, but nearby residents continued to complain about the smoke. The landfill was closed in 2014, it 35 years were not carried out the reclamation, although there are unfulfilled the court’s decision on this issue.

«Now at the landfill eliminated the open and hidden pockets of fire, completed the suppression of decay and smoke. Actively conducted full remediation of the former landfill, which after its official closure was to hold municipal authorities 4 years ago. In total, the landfill site is already paved about 55 thousand tons of soil», — is spoken in the message.

The Secretariat noted that in some areas of the landfill filling depth of debris reaches 45 meters, with a rubbish blade with a thickness of several meters is not always covered half-meter layer of earth, so in the process of decomposition of organic matter, and sometimes campfires at this site had a fire.

«Due to weather conditions, volume and structure of stockpiled here trash the appearance of small pockets of decay possible, but unlikely, and the former extent of the fire and smoke of the surroundings is eliminated completely. The situation is being monitored round-the-clock», — stated in the message.