The state languages of Belarus has received an equal number of hours in schools

© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiyНа lesson in school. Archival photoThe state languages of Belarus has received an equal number of hours in schools© Depositphotos / ArturVerkhovetskiy

The same number of hours on the study of both state languages – Belarusian and Russian — installed in the model curriculum of General secondary education in the 2018/2019 academic year, told Sputnik of Belarus the Ministry of education of the Republic.

Model curriculum for next year was released on Thursday.

«A distinctive feature of this document is to provide the opportunity to study separate subjects at advanced level in secondary schools and gymnasiums, as well as the organization of professional training of students», — noted in Department.

The Ministry recalled that schools can create classes with the study of individual subjects at a higher level, they can function on the second and third stages of secondary education.

«These documents provided equal opportunities for students of grammar schools and schools to study individual subjects at a higher level,» the Ministry noted.

For fifth to seventh grades of grammar schools kept the number of teaching hours on foreign languages. In the same schools, have the opportunity of learning languages in the same volume.

«In the eighth grade of the grammar schools still to be studied at higher level a foreign language at the level of 5 hours per week. However, the opportunity to study at a higher level foreign language is provided to students and schools,» said the Ministry.

The pupils of the eighth grades and high schools, and schools «can learn at a higher level and any other academic subject or a few subjects,» he added in the Ministry of education. The number of hours will be determined by school administration based on personnel, the status of training facilities, the concerns of students and parents. To increase the amount of time maybe two hours, max.

«Another distinctive feature of the model curriculum for next year is the introduction in the tenth grade of the subject «technical education». Before the study of the subject «technical education» was completed in the IX class,» — said the Agency.

From September 1 on the «work» of tenth graders will receive «professional skills» and to learn the program working six hours a week.

The lack of household skills, students do not have long criticized the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko — he complained that the children «even a hammer from the axe can not be distinguished». In addition, the last few years, the education system is aimed at early vocational guidance and the involvement of children including working specialties.