In Tatarstan, 16 people evacuated due to the explosion in a residential building

© Photo : group ZAINSK AWARE of Vkontaktepicture gas explosion in a residential building in the city of Zainsk in Tatarstan. June 22, 2018In Tatarstan, 16 people evacuated due to the explosion in a residential building© Photo : group ZAINSK KNOW Vkontakte

Rescuers continue search operation in place of cotton gas in Zainsk, from the house evacuated 16 people, according to the emergency situations Ministry.

Earlier, the representative of the Ministry of health of Tatarstan has told RIA Novosti that four people, including a 13-year-old child is hospitalized after cotton gas in the residential house of Zainsk on Friday evening.

According to the main Department of EMERCOM of Russia in Tatarstan, at 17.15 MSK the control center in crisis situations under uniform number «112» received a report that occurred cotton gas in the apartment on the fifth floor of a five storey residential building at: Zainsk, street Nikiforova, 71. Upon arrival of firefighters it was established that occurred cotton gas tank in a two-bedroom apartment on the eighth the staircase on the fifth floor.

«At the scene continue search and rescue operations. From the entrance of the victim rescued three people… out Of the house evacuated 16 people. Prepared temporary accommodation. Damaged interior, interroom and floor decks 4-5 floors», — stated in the message.

In the MOE added that the readiness given the Mi-8 helicopter for a possible evacuation of medical institutions of Kazan.