In the Penza region localized the focus of bird flu

© Fotolia / monticelllloКуры at the poultry farmIn the Penza region localized the focus of bird flu© Fotolia / monticellllo

The focus of bird flu at «the Vertunovka» in Bekovsky area of the Penza region is localized, losses, Cherkizovo due to the outbreak of the disease is estimated at 100 million rubles, told RIA Novosti in Cherkizovo.

«The bird flu virus discovered on an isolated site, «the Vertunovka» Bekovsky district, Penza region, designed exclusively for the playback of livestock parent stock birds and receiving hatching eggs. This area is removed from primary production of broiler chickens and processing of more than 200 kilometers. Currently, the outbreak is localized and destroyed,» the company said.

The results of the research, said the company on other sites of disease have been identified, they operate in an operating mode. «However, given the unfavorable epizootic situation in the region, additional biosecurity measures introduced at all sites of the company. The company’s losses are estimated at 100 million rubles. All livestock insured by the company «Rosselkhozbank-insurance,» said Cherkizovo.