Ministry of defense published declassified documents about the early days of the war

© Minoborona map Barbarossa. June 22, 1941Ministry of defense published declassified documents about the early days of the war© Ministry of defence

Ministry of defence website has published a unique historical documents about the beginning of the great Patriotic war. Among them — the first Soviet combat order and captured German map of the plan «Barbarossa».

The map details the location near the Soviet border groups of Nazi troops and indicated the planned direction of the main blows of the Wehrmacht in the first days of the war.

Besides, on the website you can read the declassified archival documents — directives of the people’s Commissariat of defense of the USSR, orders and reports of commanders of military units and formations, who took the first blow of the German troops.

Intelligence knew about the plans of Germany

In particular, from the letter of the chief of the intelligence staff of the North-Western front Lieutenant General Kuzma Derevyanko, it follows that regional command knew about the preparation of the German attack on the Soviet Union for two or three months before the invasion.

The General pointed out that the group of the German troops was known to headquarters «quite fully and in detail». According to him, the command regarded it as offensive with a significant number of tanks.

Bomb Konigsberg

Declassified military order of people’s Commissar of defense Tymoshenko Seeds noted that on the morning of 22 June 1941 the Soviet air force was tasked to bomb Koenigsberg and Memel, According to the document, it was necessary to strike deep into German territory, but ground troops not to cross the border.

Koenigsberg is the administrative centre of the German province of East Prussia from 1773 to 1945. 17 October 1945, were transferred to the USSR, and in 1946 was renamed Kaliningrad.

The fight against fraud

Political analyst Volodymyr Shapovalov said that it is especially important to preserve the historical memory. According to him, the Great Patriotic war became the most important for the country event of the last century.

«At a time when the veterans, unfortunately, go away from us, it is particularly important that this connecting thread that binds our historic memory preserved», — the expert has told radio Sputnik.

He noted that the documents it was important to disclose to combat attempts to revise the results of the great Patriotic war. The expert believes that the declassified archives related to the themes which often try to fake.

According to him, is the theme of the beginning of the war, the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact», the theme of innumerable victims, who supposedly were the result of the weakness of the Soviet Union, its unwillingness to take military action and the position of the Soviet leadership.