In Moscow called five of the most popular among fans of the metro stations

© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya in fotobabble the national team of Colombia at the Manege square in Moscow. archival photoIn Moscow called five of the most popular among fans of the metro stations© RIA Novosti / Sergey Mamontovaya the image Bank

Moscow metro made the top 5 stations with English speaking cashiers that are most in demand among foreign fans, the list includes «Revolution Square», «Lubyanka» and «Okhotny Ryad», told RIA Novosti press-service of the Moscow subway.

«Most complaints of foreigners to the English-speaking cashiers recorded at the station «Revolution Square» — more than 3 thousand tourists daily, buy tickets here. Another 2.8 thousand foreign guests turn in the ticket office at the station «Lubyanka» and about 2.4 thousand on the station «Okhotny Ryad», — told the press service.

Also, more than 2.2 thousands of fans are turning to the English-speaking cashiers at the station «Kiev» circle line, about 1.9 thousand foreigners cash in at the station «Sports» which is located closest to the stadium «Luzhniki», even as many foreign guests refer to cashiers at the «Partizanskaya».

The Metropolitan recalled that during the world Championships in Moscow involved more than 800 English-speaking employees. Cashiers who speak English, work on 70 stations, their ticket window marked with special stickers «We speak English» at the top of the cashier window.