Called the danger of public toilets

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The greatest danger to human health in a public toilet represent any objects and surfaces which touch people, as well as those where the spray when flushing the toilet, writes the scientific journal Conversation.

The publication reports that on the taps in the sink, the soap dish and the feed of paper towels is usually an excessive amount of bacteria that can harm human health. People use these items immediately after defecate, so they constantly accumulate germs.

Also become especially dirty door handles, because not every visitor restroom washing his hands. To reduce the risk of infection, it is recommended to close the faucet and open the bathroom door using paper towels and napkins. So, according to the magazine, will be reduced contact with bacteria.

According to some studies, some people smoke, eat or drink in the stall of the restroom, however, it is unhygienic. The same can be said about the use of the phone in the toilet. The publication stresses that mobile devices can be up to ten times more germs than a toilet seat.

The very seat of the toilet is not harmful to health, and the risk of infection of intestinal infection is extremely minimal because the main ways of getting bacteria in the human body through the hands into the mouth. In addition, most microbes are on the floor, door and toilet paper holder in a bathroom stall because that’s where they get the spray when flushing the toilet. Therefore, the journal encourages as quickly as possible to leave the booth after urinating.