«Daughter taught lesbianism». Why Russian Germans returned from Germany

© Photo : from personal archive of the family Receberem Rugaber in Karlsruhe«Daughter taught lesbianism». Why Russian Germans returned from Germany© Photo : from personal archive of the family Rugaber

Country roads perfect and delicious beer — life in Germany seems orderly and secured. After the fall of the iron curtain hundreds of thousands of ethnic Germans decided to move from former Soviet republics to the land of their ancestors. In recent years, however, the trend has been reversed, the Germans returned to Russia. The flow is not as ambitious, but sustainable. Immigrants told RIA Novosti that the reasons for the rejection of the German orders.

Sergey Rugaber, Karslruhe — Crimea

I went to Germany in 1999, lived there for 18 years, in Russia we finally came back July 31, 2017. Germany for me has not become home, I always kept in mind the possibility of a new move. The decisive factor was the native reunification of the Crimea with Russia.

In Germany all these years I did not feel at ease, much just crazy to me. For example, the first class recently in schools there introduced a sex education lesson. Explain in detail about sexual minorities, all served in the spirit that such relations are normal. Daughter once returned home after class and asked, «how did it feel when one aunt to another aunt?» It turns out, taught lesbianism. I answer nothing, but went to complain to the school. I was told that the rejection of this lesson threatens to proceedings with the police.

Many people think that work in Germany easier. Yes, my income was more current, but the taxes are much higher. In the end the hand now I get about the same as there. A typical story in Germany: pay some taxes, and at the end of the year it turns out that paid a little, something else needs to the state.

Considered normal the constant complaints of neighbors. At eight in the evening we have to stay at home, shut up and move, in any case not to make noise. And I can’t tell the kids that they stopped because a strange uncle wants. I told everyone: «don’t like? Off to a nursing home, where you will have perfect silence.» I find it easier to pay the fine than to train children. After the first two complaints just warned. The third time came a fine of 50 euros.

At the same time refugees full freedom of action. There was one situation: I accompanied the parents at the station in Karslruhe. Arrived in his own vehicle while he helped them carry their Luggage to the train, some Arabs broke into the car. I called police, and they say to me: «And you what, it’s hard to take them?» Beat migrants it is impossible, in any conflict with them would be to blame you clearly.

In Russia, I breathed freer, but not everything is smooth. The main difficulty for my family now — the paperwork. On the ground in Crimea, a lot of incompetent officials, who do not know of any laws or regulations. I have three children, we not yet given the identity of a large family, but the benefits we don’t get any.

Different and relationship between people. A typical case was at school. For control I did not understand one question. Decided to see the task from his old friend Denis. He noticed this and immediately complained to the teacher. We were seated, I made the remark. At recess I walked up to him and tried to explain: «Look, I didn’t copy you. I just don’t understand the problem. We’re friends. Why are you making such a noise?» As usual, he answered: «Well, you can’t! You can’t write off». We might quarrel, really quarrel, but I saw that he sincerely did not understand my question.

I still had to serve in the German army. Nine months for the weekend went home. There was interesting: we were served, and at the end it turned out that everyone with whom I have developed a good relationship — came from the former GDR. We understood each other perfectly, we had a General concept of mutual assistance and mutual aid. In comparison with recruits from Germany these guys have a very different sense of humor. In Germany the joke of the American primitive. The funny thing for them — if someone belched loudly, fart, said something about someone else’s mother. The guys from the GDR humor was more subtle, acute, between the lines, a play on words.

This whole rip-off for only one reason — must be something to feed the refugees. Sow them in every village, although our Russian they seem afraid. A friend of mine once stopped at the intersection, which passed two Arabs. Those stopped, approached the car and held my thumbs to the throat. Friend answered them showed the middle finger. A fight broke out. In the end, the police fined five hundred euros my friend, and migrants are not touched.

Much annoyed in Germany, the aggressive propaganda of sexual minorities. There are constantly held any gay parade, gay and unashamedly in the streets, flashing their bare butts. I have censorship of words on this issue just yet, but see it all and kids! In kindergartens, schools tell them that the boy with boy, girl with girl is fine. Many Germans actually this situation is also dissatisfied with, no wonder in the last election a lot of votes, received the «Alternative for Germany», which is for family values and the improvement of relations with Russia.