Found a way to block the distribution of four types of cancer

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Scientists from the University of Oregon science and health have developed a drug that blocks the proliferation of four types of cancer: breast and prostate gland, colon and lungs. This was reported in an article published in the journal Nature Communications.

A drug called KBU2046 tested on mice that had cancer of the prostate and mammary glands of the person, and also cancer of the intestine and lungs.

When administered orally KBU2046 suppressed metastases and reduce bone destruction. While scientists have achieved minimize side effects and toxicity.

According to Dr. Raymond Bargain, guiding the research, the principle of operation of the drug is change in the phosphorylation of protein HSP90β.

«The medication works in such a way that binding to the protein, it stops the movement of cells, but does not have any adverse impact on white,» — said the scientist.

According to the Bargain, the team took years to understand how to implement this mechanism. He believes that their direction at this stage is more promising than finding cures for cancer, as early diagnosis of their medication will stop the multiplication of cancer cells and save lives. In the future scientist plans to seek permission to test the drug on humans.