Europe has shown unity, answering to the American duties, said macron

© AFP 2018 / Ludovic Marin, the President of France Emmanuel macron, speaks at a press conference at the EU summit in Brussels. 29 Jun 2018Europe has shown unity, answering to the American duties, said macron© AFP 2018 / Ludovic Marin

Europe showed a United and firm stand in response to the «unacceptable attack» US in trade, said the President of France Emmanuel macron.

«We also discussed trade issues… Europe showed absolutely United and firm stance against an unaffordable American attacks against its European allies,» macron said at a press conference after the summit of EU heads of state.

He stressed that Europe should not remain passive and endure the commercial pressure from the United States.

USA, justifying its steps by reasons of national security, in March imposed import duties on steel supplies in the amount of 25% aluminum — 10%. In relation to the EU they have entered into force in June. The EU, in response, went in three directions. The European Commission opened on 1 June, a dispute in the WTO, then from 22 June introduced additional duties of 25% on import of certain goods from US to EU for a rebalancing of the situation in the framework of WTO rules. EK said about the possibility to introduce protective measures in the steel market of the European Union if there is additional influx of imports to the EU because of the closure of the US market.